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COMPLETE SERVICE Planning -> Designing -> Implementation "TURN-KEY PRINCIPLE"

What we do

Our company provides interested clients with complete service, starting from planning, designing and implementation of project in accordance with the „turn-key“ principle.

After a client expresses interest for a project of construction of NexGen facility, our company together with investor passes through a series of preliminary work activities and information provision before implementation of the project, such as:

  1. Local legislation and required procedures for acquiring of licenses
  2. Accessibility and possibility for provision of raw materials (car-tires, plastic, etc.)
  3. Determining of capacities on basis of acquired information
  4. Visit to micro-location foreseen for performing of activity, planning and determining of height for layout
  5. Availability of truck access, availability of water and electricity, etc.
  6. Consultation regarding staff, their expert qualifications and everything related to the future training of investor’s staff
  7. Planning of storage of final products, their transportation and sale
  8. Assistance to investor in the process of acquiring of all necessary permits, including the presentation of technology operation and certificates
  9. We provide exclusivity to the investor on the territory or area that will not endanger its business operations and future expansion
  10. After installation and commissioning of NexGen facility, our Company’s staff remains in investor’s premises until the moment we assess that the investor’s staff is prepared to take over all operations.

Waste management

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