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Who we are

SGI Technology is a company that started with the development of its own technology in 2008. In the process of development of technology, our company engaged numerous experts from various field of science and different branches of industry and metrology.

In the beginning of 2010, the first facility was installed and commissioned and it gave a response to all problems and deficiencies in the world that had been previously faced by the technology of pyrolysis.

The SGI T Company has profiled itself over the years into a world-known company in the field of pyrolytic processing of old waste tires, plastic and old waste oils into useful materials.

We paid special attention to environmental impact and emissions created during the operation of our facilities, which were significantly under the limits prescribed by standards in the European Union.

All components from which we build NexGen facilities possess CE certificate and originate exclusively from the European Union countries, which also guarantees quality and modern design of our facilities.


Waste management

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