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VISIT US OUR FACILITIES We'll show you, how You can get renewable energy by SGI Technology

 How to visit us?

To visit us:

  1. Send request for visit
  2. Write short biography of company or persons coming to visit

If visitors come from countries that need visas for entrance to Bosnia and Herzegovina or European Union, send copies of passports

Pay the fee of 5000 EUR to the account: (state company account in EUR)

The fee includes:

  1. Transportation secured from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure
  2. Accommodation in our hotel with breakfast included
  3. Working meeting where visitors are to receive all necessary information about technology
  4. Visit to Company’s manufacturing facilities
  5. Visit to Company’s facilities in republic of Croatia
  6. Copy of Environmental Impact Study (approximately 160 pages)
  7. Copy of all other expert documentation, such as: Process Description Form, Mass Balance, Fuel and Carbon Black Analysis, Certifications and other documentation necessary for launching of NexGen project.

Waste management

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